# pacman -Su foot
Fehler: Ziel nicht gefunden: foot

@ruff it's in AUR. Use your favorite AUR helper. E.g. "yay -S foot", or "yay -S foot-git" if you're feeling adventurous :)


@dnkl @mntmn Thanks for reminding, I don't use helpers but rather clone+makepkg when needed, but this might be one of those cases :)

@ruff clone+makepkg (obviously) works just as well :)


@dnkl How to make shift+ins work in vim? seems foot gobbles that. I.e. I select a text with shift+mouse, type / and shift+ins - but nothing being pasted. If I middle-click though selection is pasted.

@ruff Try adding "primary-paste=Shift+Insert" under the "[key-bindings]" section in your ~/.config/foot/foot.ini.

This should probably be made the default...

@dnkl I was pretty sure it worked in normal console and was thinking it's just vim specific, but now I tried in console and apparently it didn't work there either.
With primary-paste set all is good, thanks!

@mntmn What operating system do you typically use on your reform?

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