lol this kind of works (computer is MNT Reform, aarch64 architecture. windows machine is in paperspace cloud and streamed to chromium.)

this also shows that DRM does not, in fact, work

@mntmn not working is the best way drm could work :blobcatangel:

@mntmn drm will never work for people like us... but we’re not exactly the target either...

@mntmn by the way: Chrome only supports 720p video playback. In case of Windows better try Netflix app from Windows store to watch 1080p or 4K.
@mntmn but yeah, maybe it will show black screen :(
@f2k1de @mntmn guess no, this is a cloud virtual machine at screenshot.

@lord @f2k1de no, i haven’t been able to run windows ARM yet, although theoretically it should work somehow with qemu-kvm. The screenshot shows Paperspace, a service where you can stream a remote windows machine to the browser.

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