i would like to set up a (self-hosted!) support ticket system that is integrated with email / that i can forward emails into, and a team of people can respond to these tickets, preferrably web-based. do you have any recommendations?

I think debbugs is quite good, and should be easily installed in Debian/Ubuntu based distributions.
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@mntmn Replying to in the main thread:

I haven't used the ticket system a lot, but sourcehut is well integrated with email in general, so I guess also the ticket system. Maybe @sir can clarify more.

@mntmn maybe what gnu guix uses?

It's debbugs with a prettier interface.

@pludikovsky @flow hmm it's giving me a hard time to install, it doesn't seem to work with current ruby 2.7.2 but needs an older version?!

@mntmn @flow What are you installing on? The provided repos for Debian & Ubuntu should work out of the box.

@pludikovsky @flow debian, but i didn't want it to install a database and apache and so on

@mntmn @flow Because already available on another machine? I know it needs some kind of webserver to serve the static content, and is happy with any already installed nginx(-lite). Not sure about the DB, if postgresql-client is enough. We have everything running on the same machine so never encountered that issue TBH.

@pludikovsky @flow i would like to try it with sqlite first, i prefer it

@pludikovsky @flow ah sorry, i was confusing the thread here, i was trying RT now.

@pludikovsky @flow anyway, got it to work now, with sqlite and standalone server

@flow @mntmn
I would strongly advice to go for zammad. If you need an easy to use server distro to run zammad on: #nethserver

@mntmn try the free trial, I'm pretty sure you will be impressed once you realize the power of it, here's the self-hosted link

@mntmn back in the day, it was the only service I could find that let me import a CSV with 40,000 emails.



* Open Source
* Self Hosted (optional)
* integrates with email
* based in Berlin/Germany
* works great!

@cstrotm zammad is now on the top of my list, but apparently it cannot handle emails ~forwarded~ into it


Hmm, why not. I do that quite often with Zammad (customer send me a private email that should be a ticket, so I forward to Zammad). Some email clients support "redirection" of emails, that works even better.

You might need to "merge" with an existing ticket if the forwarded mail does not have the ticket number in the subject.

@cstrotm oh, because i found this open issue:

so it actually works? my case is that i get a lot of support emails to my personal email, i would like to forward them into the system and then also my teammembers should be able to reply to the customer.

@mntmn When using a traditional "forward" to Zammad, then on a reply Zammad will not prefill the correct senders (customers) address from the forwarded mail. That is true.

In that case, best is to not use "forward" but "redirect" (I use Thunderbird / MailMate, but "redirect/bounce" is also supported by other mail clients like mutt, Outlook ...)

It might also be possible to cast some magic on the mail-server or IMAP server level (postfix/dovecot) to rewrite the headers of a ~forward~.

@mntmn oops, I thought about a totally different "ticket system" (a bug tracker). Forget about sourcehut. =P

@mntmn with Cerb you could build a custom helpdesk dashboard for your team. The UI is a little weird (original) but well-thought out, feels like it's "programmable" because of the rules you can set. I haven't used it in ages but I just remember loving the UI.

@mntmn was several years ago now, but our team at a previous workplace used Request Tracker


I understand the Sourcehut issue tracker works like that

it's author is @sir

@mntmn Zammad is good for non-technical people. If you want something a bit more programmer-oriented, look at Redmine.

(If you go with Zammad, the most common failure condition is that an update to ElasticSearch means you have to reinstall ElasticSearch's plugins. Manifests as, for example, no users showing up in the user list.)

GLPI is a free (as in “free speech” not as in “free beer”!) asset and helpdesk management solution accessible from a web browser built to manage all you asset management issues, from hardware components and software inventories management to user helpdesk management.

@mntmn I would have recommended OTRS as well, as it worked very well for us for years. However, I used it before it became non-free.

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