implemented a little menu on the keyboard OLED to make system control functions more discoverable (design not final, and video shows keyboard/laptop with prototype parts)

@mntmn you probably said it many times but I forgot:
Is the OLED display connected to the MCU that plays the role of an embedded controller / keyboard and power controller?

@wolf480pl yes, the display is connected to the keyboard mcu, and the keyboard mcu talks to the mainboard mcu (lpc) via uart

@mntmn would be awesome to run a smartcard on this thing, but dunno how practical this is wrt. resources...

@mntmn is this thing connected straight to bios? Throw boot medium/OS selection in there!

@drq i think it can be adapted to talk to u-boot, but i’m not sure i’ll be able to do that before shipping This looks a lot like what I like about Apple's touch bar, without the things I don't like
I've been assigned a MacBook Pro with a touch bar for work, and my feelings towards it are really mixed. Like, it's nice to see context-sensitive info right there on the keyboard, but actually using it is kind of awkward, because it's a tiny touch surface where you'd want a row of function keys to be

@mntmn pretty sick. would have liked it if you turned on the keyboard backlight.
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