the MNT Reform Operator Handbooks are here. a big thank you to everyone involved in making this happen.

@mntmn Awesome! Are you able to ”append” a handbook to a DIY order? In that case, where can I pay?

@mntmn I like how those photos look like grayscale but actually aren't

Damn, you didn't have to go that hard on the jacket design, but there you go.

Congrats to all! Looks really cool. I mean, printed schematics, what more could you want?

@mntmn Those look super cool, and including schematics like old manuals is brilliant!

@mmu_man @mntmn

Now you just need to work on making haiku usable on arm.

And you will have your dream laptop.

I've been thinking about ordering one but since I don't know when it will be shipped and I will have to move a lot this year I can't
Will it be possible to order one after the crowd funding campaign?
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