Yesterday was Feb 15. you might be wondering why we have not yet started shipping MNT Reforms! it's because we are waiting for motherboards that were held up in customs for multiple weeks, and keycaps and CNC parts. motherboards and keycaps are expected for delivery today. The first 25 machined MNT Reform cases (bodies) are in german customs and the tracking doesn't look like a longer delay, so we are expecting them any day now. ...

... we have also planned and ordered all packing material last week (incl. for DIY parts). And we have all printed handbooks and hand-made sleeves for MNT Reform Max ready.


I have dogfooded, tested and carried around my personal MNT Reform every day for the last weeks and am ready to finalize all production firmware and the system image for the first release now.

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ok seriously so all the keycaps just came in. these are custom MBK by FKcaps

Your transparency is a model that should be revered, applauded and imitated throughout industry.

@mntmn This gives me an idea: all laptop manufacturers should be forced to dogfood.

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