swapped in the first production keycaps (here showing different brightness levels). these are really nice to type on!

@mntmn Ah yes, the hyper key, such that I can assign more functions to i3wm

@x44203 yeah it is now mapped to “right super” scancode, so an extra modifier

@mntmn Is it possible to reassign the duplicate CTRL keys?

@mntmn @x44203 if I recall correctly hyper isn't part of the usb standard
@mntmn @x44203 I was really disapointed when I wanted to have a dedicated super key on qmk.

@striker @x44203 there are some other fun scancodes like OPER but i'm not sure anything can handle them

@js i use the right one to type ümläüts and the left one is meta

@mntmn Ah. I just have my Alt Gr additionally mapped on the ISO key so I have one left and right :D. That’s where you currently have del

@mntmn Which makes me wonder: Can these be swapped or will it not fit?

@js all keycaps of the same sizes can be swapped and there are only two sizes in use, 1x and 1.5x

@mntmn this looks good! Is the 1U left side ctrl key standard? I’d definitely opt for that as it’s how I map my computers anyway

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