@mntmn Nine! What’s lufa like? The only open keyboard firmware I’ve worked with is qmk.

@a i believe LUFA is also in QMK somewhere. my main keyboard logic is basically one .c file, Keyboard.c. it is pretty easy to mold to your needs if you know basic C programming.

@mntmn @a my understanding is that LUFA is a USB stack that can be used by QMK and other USB firmwares (but it's been a while since I looked at it)

@mntmn Oh my GOD I didn't realize one of them was translucent at first! Finally someone recognizes that it's worth bringing back!!

@mntmn sweet! the split space bar looks interesting, too.

are the switches socketed (i.e. can they be changed) by any chance? not a huge fan of browns, although I haven't tried Kailh's take on them

@T045T not socketed. we might do a version with whites.

@mntmn @T045T I would vote for navies over whites, but I would also want the board to be ortholinear
@mntmn I would never get used to Ctrl not being in the Ctrl corner. I figure you can just swap the caps tho? What does the MNT key map to?

@piggo yes, you can swap as you like! there are two ctrls on the left btw. MNT is super key.

@deshipu did you try kailh choc brown? they’re not like cherry

@mntmn Either the whites (clicky, 50g) or the blues (linear, 25g), depending on how noisy I want to be.

@deshipu i do plan to offer whites as i like them as well.

@mntmn I did, they feel like they have a cheese grate inside them.

@deshipu strange, my experience is completely different. i only know what you describe from cherry ML

@mntmn I have only ever used Kailh chocs, so I may be spoiled. There is a test set of 13 different switches you can get on Ali.

At some point I want to experiment with replacing the springs for 25g or lighter in the whites.

so nice! I like that stand/handle concept.
I think it might look slightly nicer if the key engraving was vertically centered, at least for arrows, circle, backspace etc. Or does that positioning improve visibility with backlight or something?

@till you answered your own question! also it feels better when typing

@mntmn ☹️ white / teal choc would be so good, any chance of it being a kit? I can solder hot swap sockets. Or maybe I'll try to print PCB instead and build on top of that (not sure where to source OLED screen)

@wisemonkey sure we can make a kit where you can solder in your own keyswitches. but i also plan to do a version with whites. teal i haven't tried yet!

@mntmn noice, will wait. If you are doing a version, can I request hot swap sockets?

@mntmn oh sockets are on bottom part of PCB (may change case), let me see if I can find some pics to show

@mntmn @wisemonkey I'm curious, how much money do you think it would take to have an PCB made with an ortholinear layout? I've never done anything through PCBway etc.

@bilb @wisemonkey the money is not the problem here, it’s more like the design and testing time. a bunch of people have asked for an ortho version so i might get around to it at some point

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