just a reminder that we're offering these really nice, compact, robust, colorful, open hardware keyboards:

@mntmn yeah, and they have a really nice typing experience x)

@mntmn: Tempting, but I'm kinda surprised that there's no choice on the switches. (I do understand that offering multiple types of switches might make the business side much more complicated.)

So I would like to know if it is it also possible (at some point in the future) to get the keyboard with all other components assembled and the keycaps, just without the switches?

And yes, I know it's open hardware. ;-)

@mntmn: Well, I'd actually solder in Millmax hotswap sockets to be able to figure that out. :-)

@mntmn: And I'm not keen on desoldering. (Or I'm not particularly good at that. 😉)

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