MNT Reform CPU modules:

- Nitrogen8M_SOM, NXP i.MX8MQ (shipping, A53, GC7000L, 4GB)
- RBZ LS1028A SOM, NXP LS1028A (in bringup, A72, GC7000L, 8/16GB)
- MNT Kintex-7 SOM (in design, Xilinx FPGA, 2GB)
- RPi CM4 (in design, A72, VC4, 4/8GB)
- StarFive 71x0 (TBD, RISC-V, via ARVSOM)

@mntmn Oooh, that last RISC-V one sounds interesting. Apparently one with an Imagination Tech GPU (PowerVR?) coming later? I would love to play with something like that.

RISC-V + 16GB of Ram...?
Please take my money 🙏

@mntmn how come you’re not prioritizing RISCV more? It seems like it would be the obvious choice for open hardware, no? :)

@mrus @mntmn The FPGA version is one of the main ways people would run *experimental* RISC-V architectures, which would actually enable them to not only *run* RISC-V but also *work* on the designs themselves. IIRC, work on that SOM was announced at the same time as the newer NXP. So two out of the five SOMs up there are actually targeting RISC-V. I think that's an *amazing* track record, compared to the rest of the industry.

@mmcm @mntmn what about SiFive’s Freedom U540? Wouldn’t that be an option, assuming it’s possible to get it? :)

@mrus @mmcm it is not available, SiFive doesn’t sell their chips. they’re only demos

@mmcm @mntmn oh I didn’t know that. In fact, a while ago I accidentally ordered a 310 on mouser, thinking it was the HiFive dev board but in the end only getting the chip. That’s strange, then I don’t understand what they’re doing, if they’re not selling the stuff they put on dev boards. :-/

@mrus @mmcm SiFive is not in the chip business, but in the IP (intellectual property) business. They sell their cores+customization to other chipmakers. The FU540 etc boards are demos to show that the tech works.

@mrus the StarFive is the first viable RISC-V chip for this application and it’s in beta right now! so, there are just not many options yet.

@mntmn so it is only missing PowerPC and a SPARC modules to complete the full collection of open ISAs right? :-)

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