MNT Reform CPU modules:

- Nitrogen8M_SOM, NXP i.MX8MQ (shipping, A53, GC7000L, 4GB)
- RBZ LS1028A SOM, NXP LS1028A (in bringup, A72, GC7000L, 8/16GB)
- MNT Kintex-7 SOM (in design, Xilinx FPGA, 2GB)
- RPi CM4 (in design, A72, VC4, 4/8GB)
- StarFive 71x0 (TBD, RISC-V, via ARVSOM)

@mntmn Oooh, that last RISC-V one sounds interesting. Apparently one with an Imagination Tech GPU (PowerVR?) coming later? I would love to play with something like that.

RISC-V + 16GB of Ram...?
Please take my money 🙏

@mntmn so it is only missing PowerPC and a SPARC modules to complete the full collection of open ISAs right? :-)

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