@mntmn oh please tell me you're working up a MNT Reform Mini netbook that uses the same compute modules... 😈

@djsundog @mntmn

It is madness, but in a very good way.

I say it is madness, because, its very unusual to sell pocket computers like this. xD


I hope you will make this device extremely rugged. :)

People may want to carry it almost anywhere...

a usb-c cable to usb 2.0/3.0 would also be nice too.

By the way, how close are you to this being in beta? And when its beta, how much will it cost? reduced price for beta? let me know! :)

Certainly good news! Will be keen to check the final result😊

@mntmn @djsundog hello, please count me in !!! Where can I pre-order it? :flan_hurrah: I have been looking for this for so long. What will be the screen size/format? I already imagine I could replace it by an e-ink one ... Keep up the good work :flan_thumbs: what you guys are building is amazing!


Awesome, I bet even imx8m would be pretty dang fast on this. Bigger the screen, the slower the processor does things, right?

Man your awesome, I look forward to this. I hope you will tell me your planned price though. I also hope it won't be above 500 or will be at most 600... ;)

Sadly, I am not ultra rich. :(

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