from left to right: Magda, Ana, me and Greta of the MNT Reform team in Berlin. (and Tina the dog)

Ana created the industrial design of MNT Reform. Greta and Magda are both fashion designers by training and are currently working on assembling all the devices. Greta was heavily involved in getting all parts production ready and designed the sleeve. Magda made all sleeves.

@mntmn Hi! I just wanted to say that i've been a follower for years and i really admire the work that you have done. I'm a astronomer and free software advocate/sysadmin for many years and i hope to put my hands on such an incredible device you have created. My best regards from Uruguay. You are a dream team really! Cheers!

@mntmn You kind of look like a rock band! Cute doggo btw 🤗

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