@mntmn i have no idea what this does, but those look good for prototypes


It looks like that keyboard is designed for thumbtyping while holding the device like a DS. Are you planning to push that element of the design? Like shape the keys specially and give tactile cues for gamepad style input and maybe tuck a trackball in there? This could be the ultimate on-the-bus computer.

@Austin yes, thinking in that direction, already tried to play PSX on it

@thor @Austin yeah as someone said here an "on the bus computer"

@mntmn @Austin sounds better than rooting a phone. i don't root my phones because they're just not designed to be general purpose computers. they're appliances.
@thor @mntmn @Austin you don't need to "root" your phone to run something like termux, and installing a custom ROM is also totally separate from rooting. it's not like a jailbreak

Where could I read more about the keyboard. Also, is it gonna be with touchscreen?

@mntmn Ooh, is that a 360 degree hinge!?

Bonus points if your mini reform can open all the way and transform into a mini tablet form factor.

@mntmn Looking good ! <subliminal_msg>let's put an e-ink on it... :flan_thumbs: </subliminal_msg>

When is the beta coming out and when is it being crowdfunded?
And how much will it cost?

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