the MNT Reform campaign just cracked $400k. thank you for your incredible support everyone ;_;

we are working hard on assembling and shipping these in a team of 3. we completed a bit more than 100 devices so far.


I don't want to stress you or anything, but please speed up 😉

I appreciate all the updates on this, it's a very interesting project.

My order was in October 2020, does that mean there are still many ahead of me in the queue? Any way to get a rough estimate of when it might ship?

Also, is there any chance a new order placed now could be shipped in time for being a Christmas gift?

@eliasr anyway, the bulk of the orders have been the crowdfunded ones, placed before june 18, 2020. there are around 100 left to ship, this will take 4-6 weeks. from then, we will ship batches of 25 to CS every 1-2 weeks so they can fulfill the post-campaign orders, incl. yours.

@mntmn Thanks!

When I said "speed up" that was a joke, but it's also a little bit serious. The serious part: looking at the crowdsupply page today, it says "Orders placed now ship Jun 18, 2021." So you would need to speed up if you were to meet the expectation created by the date of the crowdsupply page.



When I placed my order, in Oct 2020, the order details said "Pre-order, estimated to ship Dec 10, 2020". Then for a while my order was "estimated to ship on Feb 15, 2021". Then it was "estimated to ship on Apr 15, 2021". Then "estimated to ship on Apr 18, 2021".

I think you mentioned at some point that you don't control how the crowdsupply thing works, but this is still a problem.


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