if you want to buy MNT Reform but are waiting for LS1028A so you can save 100$ or so on the current SOM, don't do it. it won't ship before ~spring 2022 or so given the chip shortage. there is still a sizable stock of Reforms. the best time to get in is now, and upgrade later.

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@mntmn If I place a new order now, how soon would that ship?

It's on my short list of things to obtain. Might be a Christmas gift to myself, but I'm also not worried about ship dates.

@mntmn Hmmm, yeah, I was intending to wait until LS1028A, not so much to save money but I'm not in a big rush and would love the higher-performance SOM. Also would want to run OpenBSD but it seems like support for it is not 100% (and I'm no C developer lol)… Which exact Atheros wifi card do you include? Curious if it is supported by (I assume it would be, but having trouble finding out for sure)

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