@mntmn well, actually it hit my #Aminet mirror on Tuesday... and was hatched to my #Fidonet node... :)

@mntmn wow, those are some thin bezels on that monitor.

@mntmn okay, time to create a proper Gopher client as well. where can I learn AmigaOS programming quickly? 🙂

@mntmn I used that one almost exactly ten years ago, when I started with my gopher server :-)
I think, it can be made better ...

@mntmn Is there an ETA for an AROS port to the Reform? :-)

@korruptor @mntmn yeah came out a couple of weeks ago I think. I've been chatting to the author. Pretty good so far, unicode support is bodged but faaaaast.

@stevelord @mntmn was quietly hoping someone would do that. Would be nice to get a bunch of Amigans using Gemini

@stevelord oh nice one man!

I should probably pick-up the pace of my posting again. Been too busy to blog much... :/

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