it's real: the first assembled MNT RKX7. an open hardware kintex-7 fpga SoM with many peripherals for MNT Reform (or other projects).

@x44203 no idea yet. all prices are totally warped because of the chip shortage

@mntmn Oh nice, so the Kintex are not usually that pricy...


Wow cool. Maybe you can explain what it is and what an SoM is? Maybe a blog post to explain the significance too? :)

@emacsen maybe useful:

the idea is to instantiate other architectures on the chip to use them as the (experimental) core of MNT Reform, like various RISC-V systems or retro systems.

@wolf480pl kinda, but not place and route, yet. there has been some RE effort though, Project X-Ray

@mntmn I'm interested in how this would fare for running something like Microwatt and using it to run Linux in Reform 🤔

obviously it would be fairly limited in a number of ways, and the core would need to be ported to it, and that's *after* the tooling gets more mature... but it's an interesting prospect, I think.

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