@mntmn I am amazed with how quickly you manage to get these out

@mntmn It's the sweetest chunky little computer you're making. :flan_heart:

Don't believe it.
Doesn't exist.
People just don't do that.
Anyone can photoshop shoelaces to be blue.

🤩 @mntmn ! Will you be able to buy only hardware minus shell and keyboard to make your own form factor around?
I love the idea of a small laptop (since I had an eeepc during that craze) and have been pining for something !x86 for years now.
But I’d really like to try my hand at building my own shell around a rev41lp keyboard pcb after seeing Jacqueline’s build. Also, attempts around rpi’s have had mixed results so far and it would be awesome with some actual performance 😛

@janerictobias @mntmn Oh yes, I would like that too! I have an eee pc 701 that I play around with, and the keyboard would be much nicer to use if it was split and angled inwards. I'd like to have a crack at that maybe.

@Thalass I had the 701 too, it was awesome and awful but I sometimes wish I’d kept it 😊

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