an MNT Reform customer in the US was able to get an industrial repair company to fix their damaged laptop on the board level independently using only the public documentation for <$280.

@mntmn For the next time I inevitably break something, where was this shop? Lot easier/cheaper than shipping it back to y'all in Germany 😅

@klardotsh there will be a writeup in community soon, with the contact

@mntmn @klardotsh

I've kind of wondered about going to Louis Rossman's store.

He's only a few blocks from an aunt of mine.

@emacsen @mntmn @klardotsh

Interesting idea, but I wonder, many things now:

Do you know if he would be wlling to fix such a problem for a price, etc?

I don't doubt, he has the skill if he tried to learn the schematics, etc... given his work on apple stuff which must be mega hard given its... apple

Right to repair problems, makes apple a very big mess to repair.

@frostknight @mntmn @klardotsh

This is more an idle thought. I don't live in NYC right now nor do I have an MNT in need of repair at the moment.

And as things in our life have become more complex, repair shops have become more specialized, and his shop primarily does Apple products.

But I think that for Right to Repair to be really good, whether MNT or Framework, we must have not only the ability to self-repair, but be able to pay for repairs by 3rd parties, in practice not just theory.

@emacsen @mntmn @klardotsh
I agree on this completely.

To be honest, what you say, might not even go far enough though...

All hardware should always be by default usable without any proprietary crap if that is their choice.
Planned obsolence should be illegal as well and most of all, copyright for electronics should have a set limit of 20 years that cannot be extended and even then, you should be able to modify your hardware distribute patches, as long as you don't charge a fee for it.

@emacsen @mntmn @klardotsh I had never heard of that place before, but it looks cool:

One of the problems I have heard with (consumer) R2R is the lack of real, accessible repair facilities. There aren't enough, so people don't consider having devices repaired, which is part of the reason the facilities don't exist. It's a bootstrapping problem.

Maybe devices like the Reform will help get things started.

@kadin @mntmn @klardotsh

There are actually many computer and phone repair shops.

Rossman is kind of a Right to Repair superstar though. He lobbies US governments, he has a very popular Youtube channel, he runs his own shop. he's been in the media on this and similar topics.

@mntmn @klardotsh
This is good to hear, for me as well, I live, wayyy too far for such a solution as Germany. Aka, shipping would be pretty expensive in most cases, anyhow.

So this is good to hear

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