running i.MX8MQ EVK directly from 4 LiFePO4 batteries in series

a slice of Reform 2 keyboard to test haptics and spacing (keycap colors are random)

keyboard for the new MNT Reform work-in-progress (view from the underside)

ZZ9000 routing done. detail tweaks tomorrow and then i will send it off to get some Rev 1s made.

MNT ZZ9000 routing almost complete. working on details now.

fast jpeg decode (using nanojpeg) on the ARM core of zz9000

latest xserver/mesa/etnaviv is broken in interesting new ways on imx6

some zz9000 progress pictures: networking and loading & executing ARM code from the Amiga m68k side

‪MNT ZZ9000 entering Zorro-III development/testing phase (here: in heavily modded Amiga 3000)‬

MNT Reform trackball V2 first revision mockup, designed by Ana. This time all parts printed in-house. Feels good.

first try of scummVM on amiga2000+ZZ9000. scaling and indexed palette work well now, there’s only a delay glitch on the start of each line to fix.

workbench 3.1 on amiga 2000 with MNT ZZ9000 graphics card (in development)

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