running lxpolkit in the background does the trick. it pops up a window to ask for permission to access the disk.

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what is gnome-disk-utility missing to be able to authorize itself?

i've been extremely busy working on the MNT Reform system image build process incl. a nice default environment based on debian + sway.

(recording is choppy because i used the wf-recorder screen recorder. HDMI capture to come soon)

started working on the interactive documentation for Reform

cool: GNOME runs much better now on MNT Reform. looks like they tweaked the performance a lot. 👍

not so easy to focus today tbh, but upgraded the bypass resistors on the Reform motherboard to the bigger 2512 footprint for faster battery cell balancing

OK i got it to work! FreeBSD in QEMU using KVM on Reform.

first trials of running FreeBSD/aarch64 in qemu on Reform. my qemu-system-aarch64 doesn't boot with accel=kvm (hangs), any ideas? do i just need a bleeding edge version?

here are two pieces of proprietary software running on Reform: Cockos REAPER and Burp Suite

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