working with Vivado and Zynq feels like going shopping with a very slow and bulky excavator

ok these are the perfect trackball balls, from KGM Kugelfabrik, made from POM

details of the two Reform parts redesigned for CNC milling. volume had to be removed to compensate for higher density, and inner corners had to be rounded. also we made the parts easier to manufacture in general.

last night i tried a little hack to see if Reform/i.MX6 could render the OpenGL canvas of KiCAD 5, and the answer is yes. just some font rendering and the overlay would need to be fixed.

cool, my numworks open source pocket calculator arrived!

prototypes with some raw molding edges

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pushing in all those keycaps is the worst part of the job ;)

validated the Reform trackball final PCB today. also, we finished the acrylic laser cut parts and all 3D models are finalized. now printing 2 of the remaining case parts while another 3 are being molded. after that, it’s “just” assembly, testing, handbooks and packaging left.

Battery cables, internal USB (keyboard and trackball) cables for Reform

We assembled 12 keyboards for Reform laptops.

soldering the cherry ML slim mechanical switches into Reform keyboards. every key has a diode which prevents ghosting and allows for n-key rollover (NKRO). the controller is atmel mega32u4, the firmware is FOSS and based on the LUFA library.

assembling keyboards for all the developer units

currently placing a thousand diodes by hand

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