assembling keyboards for all the developer units

currently placing a thousand diodes by hand

reform keyboard laser engraving test. worked quite well and feels much better than stickers. now assembling all keyboards, assembling the last 4 mainboards, PU molding 3 of the case parts and 3d printing the rest.

@johl nothing so far, i kinda gave up on twitter at least for a while

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Gnome Web feature request: native pass password manager support (ala Browserpass)

Would anyone else like native support for a free and open source, cross-platform, decentralised, entirely self owned and controlled password management system?

CC @gnome

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@furan twitter doesn’t allow me to really curate what i see, through “likes of others” etc i constantly got exposed to these super angry pseudopolitical discussions, especially in germany. plus ads and other crap. it just made me nervous. compare also

@furan no, maybe the old ones are not synced to your instance (yet)?

the “cup” holding the ball itself is mounted on this, and the optical sensor pcb mounted on top of the cup. optical sensor connects to this pcb with a little flat cable.

trackball PCB for with integrated atmega32u2

@feonixrift i imagine. someone else said spülung here which is also correct. i forgot about that though because many hair products use english words on the packaging ;)

@feonixrift it’s called conditioner as well :) i use frizz ease. shops like dm or rossmann have shampoos+conditioners.

@pfhllnts ja, mal schauen. finde es auch schwierig dass man keine RTs bestimmter leute abschalten kann und fremde likes aufgezwungen bekommt. dadurch wird es wie TV, automatisch wird man in den aktuellen diskurs mit reingezogen

the last missing puzzle piece for beta laptops is now ordered: stabilizer wires for the longer keys on the custom keyboard. the 1x1 keycaps are here and the longer/odd shapes are being printed at the moment.

@stragu hm hm hm > Specifically, the seller must use the term "GNU/Linux" for any reference to an entire operating system which includes GNU and Linux, not "Linux" or "Linux-based system" or "a system with the Linux kernel" or any other term that mentions "Linux" without "GNU". Likewise, the seller must talk about "free software" more prominently than "open source."

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