@iLikeAltitude i cannot, because i don’t know who is planning to release a fitting RISC-V chip and when.

@brad @Naughtylus @technomancy i’ve heard it as a request many times now, so ortho fans are definitely vocal :)

@brad @Naughtylus @technomancy sure. the space bar is already split up btw. but you have to understand that most people don’t have the patience/will to go through a long transition period, so it can’t be the default. i will make it an option in the crowdfunding and see how many people will order with ortho layout. i think that’ll be a good indicator.

@Naughtylus @technomancy it’s because a lot of people (like me) have a hard time changing to that after decades of using staggered. i tried with a typematrix keyboard but failed. but i’m strongly considering the option to make an ortho version of the keyboard as an option anyway, it’s easy to do relative to other customizations.

@meff it's all in the article, the gpu (do you mean that by video card?) already has an open source driver, etnaviv. it's in the linux kernel!

@grainloom GC7000 officially does ES3.1 and vulkan, just etnaviv isn’t there yet. but i’m sure they will be at some point.

@katnjia normally the trackball in the middle is not in the way at all if you use both hands to type. i can make a video later how the typing works.

@grainloom officially 3.1 i believe, not sure at what level etnaviv is currently, will check!

@katnjia hmm so you type with one hand and use the trackpad/ball with the other hand or how...? maybe you can make a sketch?

@sum relax, all the letters will be there, and there is a trackpad option. (it’s in the article)

@vimja afaik the maximum amount of DDR4 on this soc is still 8 GB :/

@technomancy yeah, the beta version with actual customers revealed that more people need labels than you would expect. even if you’re a touch typist, it can be disorienting not to have labels.

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