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2018-02-04: thanks to LUFA, the Reform keyboard works and it works really great actually

2018-02-02: MNT Reform, a computer that respects your rights 🛠 (now with 4x1.2GHz) MCIMX6DP7CVT8AA

2017-12-24: switched off all kinds of opengl2 options and now ioquake3 works fine on reform. maybe normal mapping, still have to narrow it down

2017-12-22: it’s not helloween but here is x86 wine running on Reform (i.mx6) via exagear (proprietary x86/arm jit). don’t try this at home!

2017-12-13: reform mainboard is alive! i can load u-boot and chat with it via uart! the problem was missing external 2.5v rail :3

2017-11-12: been grinding a lot of electronics components stuff this week for MNT Reform prototype 2. hope the charging/supply/power will work out with 1 cell

2017-11-02: today we went through every piece of feedback on Reform, clustered & prioritized changes for Prototype 2

This profile will be the main source for MNT Reform updates for a while. I will now repost a bunch of content that I only had on twitter so far. Stay tuned. ATOM feed:

yesterday i finished and ordered Reform 0.2 mainboard & keyboard PCBs. if everything goes well, the remaining challenges are finding the final hinges & possibly magnetic closure w/ hall sensor

Reform 0.2 keyboard / MCU PCB also almost done... missing mounting holes and 2 additional keys (spacebar will be split)

now the tedious part when only 40 pins are unconnected and it's very hard to track them down

the dev board got slightly damaged it seems, so now there is a lot of noise on LVDS

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