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2018-06-29: managed to get the arch armv7h version of firefox quantum to work on debian on the reform...

2018-06-23: 4 reform boards baked today! now directly off to party!

2018-06-18: ok so i kinda ported BCN3D Cura to Reform (weston / i.MX6). needed (and still needs) some QML fixes and did some shader fixes

2018-04-29: played with darktable, here are some shots of the Reform beta 3 prototype

2018-02-04: thanks to LUFA, the Reform keyboard works and it works really great actually

2018-02-02: MNT Reform, a computer that respects your rights 🛠 (now with 4x1.2GHz) MCIMX6DP7CVT8AA

2017-12-24: switched off all kinds of opengl2 options and now ioquake3 works fine on reform. maybe normal mapping, still have to narrow it down

2017-12-22: it’s not helloween but here is x86 wine running on Reform (i.mx6) via exagear (proprietary x86/arm jit). don’t try this at home!

2017-12-13: reform mainboard is alive! i can load u-boot and chat with it via uart! the problem was missing external 2.5v rail :3

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