@moali yep. Sounds about right. I *want* to get on with things, but the thought of fucking up makes me avoid it.

If I ever do something and I fail, I *despise* myself even more than I already do.

Doing nothing is a lot less painful.

@moali Or, they may have ADHD and their "okay time to get started" brain unit is permanently offline. Or worse, both of the above.

@moali makes sense that I immediately burn out when I try to not procrastinate. Lol 😂

@moali I still think I'm a little lazy, but considering my clinical depression, yeah, this makes sense.

I'd question the being applied universally. Perhaps it's not laziness, but a fear of missing out on whatever other distractions one may be engaged in (sure, rarely is anything on IRC important persay but you can still fear missing a chance to correct someone being wrong on the internet...).

I procrastinate going to bed all the time, and it's surely not a fear of underperforming at sleep...

@moali That feels right to me. (She says, procrastinating on many things simultaneously)

@moali This is interesting; we never looked at it that way.

@moali procrastinating is like going on a tiny strike.

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