also also, i have to say that annihilation's visuals are gorgeous. i will 100% be watching it again on a bigger screen.

also, pretty much right away i got major made in abyss vibes from it. pretty similar concept but annihilation is more sparse, lonely, and uncaring, and more about nature itself i think (though i've only watched MiA's anime, not read the manga yet)

it's a really great movie but if you're the type of person who gets annoyed when not everything is explained at the end then you won't like it. i really enjoyed it though. i enjoy puzzling over things like that and hearing about how others interpret it.

what i really liked about it (as with a lot of the things i like) is how alien it is. i really like the spookiness of the nature and creatures inside the shimmer. it did a good job of selling how uncaring nature really is, especially with the bizarre/puzzling ending sequence.

i was expecting it to be a lot scarier than it was for me. i had seen pictures of the bear beforehand & thought it would be really disturbing. but i feel stupid cuz it was clearly a film meant to be seen on the big screen, with the volume to give full emotional impact.

going to sleep under 5,627,992,153,096 blankets

i wish there were separate verbs for the concepts of feeling a physical sensation and feeling an emotion

when clients greet with "how ya doin" or whatever my response used to be "good, how about you" but i downgraded "good" to "i'm ok" after a client at a previous job responded by flipping out like "Well I'm glad you're happy that my FUCKING SERVER IS DOWN!!!!"

@ConfusedImp i.e we say "white brick house" instead of "brick white house" because you could paint it a different color and it'd be the same house, but if you replaced all the bricks, it might not be. it's related to the ship of theseus thought experiment and the philosophical concept of "essence".

@ConfusedImp sorry to necro-bump this but i figured it'd be interesting to share. some linguists apparently think this word ordering is because of how "intrinsic" to the noun that the adjectives are. it's discussed starting around 7:58 here:

there should be a place called the holler store, where you go if you need a holler. never underestimate the value of a holler.

wrote a game of life implementation today. my friend said "that sounds like it'd be interesting" but surprisingly it's not really interesting at all. the rules are so simple that there's basically no room for interpretation or creativity in anything but the glue code.

i started making a joke 20 years ago, and i'm still riffing on it, and it's still funny

i saw it and thought "that looks very similar to one of the pictures that appears on erowid's home page" and yeah, it does. just disappointed i didn't know it by name.

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