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if aliens really do ask to be taken to our leader, that's likely the reason the public is not aware of them. they meet up with our imperialist warmonger overlords and think "yup, this planet is still just idiots" and leave.

Wow, a filesystem made of butter. My girls would love it. In fact, the first sentence Caroline ever said was "I like losing my files"

the world's most complex pillow had still not been solved

i love to blend things but hate loud noises

even realized that i was dreaming, but didn't think to use it to my advantage. so close...

been having important conversations in dreams that i can't remember when i wake up. but i'm of the mind that they will still make a difference even if i can't consciously recall them.

one beer is still enough to get me tipsy. if only everything else was still that effective...

bought my coworker/friend a hamburger and he gave me a beer

everyone except me needs to chill out, and i need to become less chill

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