Have you ever found a taste, smell or texture to be comedic? Like you're rubbing some sandpaper and are like "Ha! Hilarious!"

I never have, and suddenly I'm wondering why.

@mogwai_poet Surely you've put something in your mouth and pondered "Hmm, this tastes a bit funny" =D

@mogwai_poet (on an actual serious side, pop rocks are weird and fun inducing, especially embedded in food you're not expecting it in)

@wobin I've had unexpected flavor experiences just from drinking something I thought was something else. Yeah, that borders on the same thing as comedy

@mogwai_poet Once I had this friend who denied having a crush on this guy, but then when we were all hanging out some time later I could smell that she was wearing new perfume (or possibly using new deodorant or moisturizer or something). That's the closest I've come to "funny scent," I think

@mogwai_poet I want to say I came close with the sensation of picking up one of those, like…

Like, a stretchy rubber squeezy toy, but with beans inside so that it would instantly give way under your fingers and rearrange? Like it feels like the inside is vegetable soup and the outside is bubble gum and picking it up is wiggliness that you can't believe is actually holding together.

I have some really clear sense memory of this but I can't remember it any more clearly than that.

@mogwai_poet I can't even tell. I feel like I've held things like that intermittently throughout my life, but I couldn't even tell you how recent the most recent time was?

@mogwai_poet There's "magic berries" you can eat that temporarily alter your sense of taste. Taste testing some foods afterward was an experience that I think I could call genuinely humorous.

@mogwai_poet Thinking about the usual components of humour though, making unexpected connections, misdirection/deception, thwarting expectation, etc.

It might be hard to do that with one of those senses alone, but what about combinations? I think you could make a "joke" texture that feels different than it looks. Or a food that tastes different than it smells, etc.

With sight and sound we have language to fall back on to set up expecations, but we don't normally use taste or smell for that.

@mogwai_poet Of course I could suggest reading a joke in braille... when I initially thought of that it seemed like an obvious cop-out so I didn't say it, but thinking on it now, no, that illustrates exactly what those 3 senses are lacking: a practice of using them for symbolic meaning.

@rainwarrior Yeah, comedy might require more sophistication than any of our relationships with those senses have.

@rainwarrior Yeah, e.g. taking a drink of one thing while expecting to drink a different thing borders on a comedic subversion.

@mogwai_poet Possibly related, the severity of making a mistake (or being decieved) with taste, touch, smell has a lot more immediate/tangible consequences than hearing a sound or seeing some light.

Like you can tell someone a lie, and then tell them it was a lie, and for most practical purposes it is untold. Undrinking something is more difficult. More proximity to danger here.

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