Game jam theme: cooking/crafting games, based on the Campbell's Soup API.

"I can't help, I'm fetching toots. I can't find them, there's only soup."
"What do you mean there's only soup?"
"There's only soup!"
"Well then don't use the soup query!"
"There's more soup!"
"What do you mean there's more soup? Go to the next query!"
"There's still soup!"
"Where are you querying?"
"I'm calling soup!"
"What do you mean you're 'calling soup?'"
"I mean I'm calling soup!"
"What API are you using?"
"I'm using the soup API!"
"Why are you fetching toots with the soup API‽"
"Fuck you!"

Man, that game _Something Something Soup Something_ could have been automated all this time

@mogwai_poet "Augment social media sites like Facebook, Twitter & Google +"

I think they're saying that Google+ wouldn't be closing if there was more REST calls for soup involved. "SO MANY POSSIBILITIES"

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