Once it becomes impractical to make a living making games, game dev will look like poetry slams: art weirdos making games for zero audience other than their art weirdo friends. I cannot wait. Poets have that shit fucking *figured out*.

If I'm being honest the financial situation is already there and what "poets have figured out" is that their hobby doesn't ever need to be more than a hobby.


I never really considered game jams to be comparable to a poetry slam but based on the two jams ive participated in and the many weird games i've played that were made in jams I think this is already happening and it is Extremely Fun

@AutumnWyvern Yeah, maybe I just need to get that shit back into my life.


i believe simply looking up "game jam" on would be a great place to start!

@hellojed Yeah honestly maybe what I'm talking about was the heyday of game jams. Feels like 2010-2012?

@mogwai_poet the bitsy scene is kind of like that too right now.

@mogwai_poet i wonder if there's like two dudes who made a million each off their first poems going around to every fucking conference giving talks called things like How To Make It In Poetry and Gosh This Poetry Market Sure Is Competitive Now, Here's What I Do

@jplebreton @mogwai_poet
You mean, just like @darius, a procedural poet himself, explaining us how to win the lottery? 😛

@jon_valdes @mogwai_poet @darius dunno how serious your question is but the key difference i see between that talk and that of indie game luminaries is acknowledgment of the role of luck and deemphasis of the social capital of the advice giver. still way too much "selling pickaxes to the prospectors" in indie games.

@mogwai_poet This is how text adventures have been for a couple decades now

@CarlMuckenhoupt Yeah if I'm honest it's how all video games are for 99% of devs

@mogwai_poet I like this, but as someone who likes to do those things I wish I could make money doing them so I'd have the time to actually do them again

(Maybe when I finish my degree / when child is grown)

But the infeasibility of profit does make poetry a special space in some ways

@lunasspecto Yeah I'm in a similar situation -- hard to imagine having time for hobbies

@mogwai_poet But those games already exists. It may be difficult to find the good ones though, since a lot of it is absolute garbage (as, I presume, is true for poetry as well?).

@mogwai_poet True but also sad. I'm into #indieRPGs / #SmallPress #TTRPGs / weird analog #storygames, which are already like that. The problem here is the exact same one #poets I've met have: how do we #makealiving in-between creating poetry/#games?

@rafu This is the same problem that afflicts all the arts -- how do we get people to value artists enough to support them? Or more generally any number of important but underpaid roles in society.

Until basic income is a thing, the sanest approach might just be to accept that it's ok for art to be a hobby and never expect it to pay the bills. This is probably a bad approach for e.g. teachers though.

@mogwai_poet #Hobby is a pretty terrible socio-economical dimension, though. It takes significant #privilege to be able to spare the time to practice something at one's leisure IN ADDITION to earning an #income and still hone it to an #art.

@mogwai_poet I started Glorious Trainwrecks as an excuse to make dumb jokes, and it somehow turned into an art weirdo community that puts up with my dumb jokes, and I feel very fortunate

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