The Extrasolar servers are shutting down on December 1st. If you still want to remote-pilot a rover to document the ecology of an alien planet, you've got a couple weeks left!

@mogwai_poet 😱
I loved that game when I played it years ago.
Real shame it didn't catch on enough for them to develop the sequel 😞

@jon_valdes It's frustrating -- the big ongoing server cost was the server-side software rendering of the photos, but it doesn't look any better than real time rendered stuff on even a mediocre GPU.

@mogwai_poet yeah, turns out, awesome artists bring so much visual quality to real-time graphics, that to get better graphics –even when rendering offline– requires an artist team just as big, and just as good.

@mogwai_poet but for me, Extrasolar wasn't really about the graphics. It was about the exploration, anticipation and delayed gratification.

And also, it was an honest game. It didn't try to milk players ("pay 2$ to make the rover move faster"), which lots of companies would have gone for. A truly otherworldly game 🙃

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