Here are hundreds of hours of archived noise and industrial cassette tapes from the 80s and 90s.

@mogwai_poet Ugh, that's tough for my taste. I have finished some OTR hard boiled detective stories though. Which habe been awesome :) is such a treasure trove of stuff!

@mogwai_poet not just noise and industrial but plunderphonics, musique concrete, sound collage and more!! its just a bunch of really cool underground tapes

@mogwai_poet couple years ago or smth i tried doing vague mixtape versions of the most accessible tunes i found on there

managed three 15 min episodes before stopping haha

@mogwai_poet here u go

theyre not very well mixed because i dont actually know how to do mixing haha

@mogwai_poet #3 is a lot rougher around the edges than the first two

@mogwai_poet ❤️

the shortname of the tape is listed in the descriptions, just append it to the end of "archive(.)org/details/noise-arch_"

@mogwai_poet np!! hope you like them, i was trying to make them feel as dreamlike as possible but eventually trying to filter through all these different tapes and find sounds i liked proved to be a bit too taxing for me

@pupy Yeah, your soundcloud is the closest thing I've found to a guide to this material. I hope someone's working on one.

@mogwai_poet i might do a text guide listing the tapes ive used in these mixes and do a bit more digging on top of that. there are definitely ones which are fully accessible such as "tormem" and "deli_cop" which are worth hitting up asap imo

@mogwai_poet been meaning to dive back into the noise arch collection and all so a slightly less tedious process for proffering a curated selection might be a good reason for doing so

@pupy Keep me posted if you do, as you mentioned filtering this stuff yourself can be exhausting!

@mogwai_poet will do!! first installment if i make it will most likely just cover the tapes mentioned in the remnant psyches episodes for the sake of getting it off the ground

@mogwai_poet heres something really bloody weird: turns out one of the tunes i put into episode 3 from one of the noise arch tapes is just straight up "road to asia" by embryo

@mogwai_poet according to discogs, "Considered as one of the most important German jazz-rock bands during the 1970s. "

im gonna have to locate the tape it was off again now because how on earth did that get on there even

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