One thing I love about the Rescue Rangers theme song is that there are three choruses in a row and each one modulates upwards.

It implies a parallel reality where those session musicians are still recording choruses, going ever higher, every 12 seconds.

Since a note in any given octave contains twice as much energy as the same note in the octave below, this is of course the song that ends the Earth.

@mogwai_poet @fraggle how many choruses would it take for the song to go out of range of human hearing?

@devurandom @fraggle It modulates up a minor third and human hearing spans about 10 octaves, so definitely less than 40 choruses

@mogwai_poet i imagine this with every song that does key changes "what if they just... kept going up"

@mogwai_poet yeah, I had originally intended to be slightly less lazy and do the pitch-up without speeding it up, but I couldn’t find the button for that in Audacity at the time, and then having it get faster and faster turned out way too well

@danbruno Beyonce sounds like she can tell the end of the world is coming

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