There's this widespread belief that stories need conflict to be worthwhile and it's horseshit. Sometimes you just want to be around interesting characters or ideas. Like, *especially* if you're making escapist fiction, you think people don't occasionally want to escape from the idea of struggle?

When you learn music theory you hear rules like "no parallel motion in fifths" and "V resolves to I" and eventually you learn these aren't bright lines you mustn't cross, they're guides we've observed to have worked in the past. Storytelling classes skip that last part I guess?

The conflict-driven story is an extremely Western, capitalist form.

@mogwai_poet Reading about kishotenketsu reminds me of western sitcoms and reality television for some reason? Though maybe that's because the conflict in those genres tend to feel faked or excessive...

Also, your music theory metaphor makes me think you'd find this interesting:

@pyredrid @mogwai_poet when i read that tvtropes bit i thought that the twist in #3 *was* substantially the same thing as what is called "conflict" in western analysis... like, not just beating up bad guys or winning pokémon tournaments or whatever but also conflicting accounts of events or no-fault, 💩-happens problems that need to be solved

@pyredrid @mogwai_poet say we had a story about folks buying an abandoned lot in a tax auction and turning it into a really sweet community space that brings everyone together, and the whole thing is just how people come together and get this thing going and build it... no backstabbing, no power struggles, no sleazy developer trying to swipe the thing, the original owner never tries to claim it back, it all ends on a happy note... is the challenge of the logistics of it enough to be "conflict"?

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