Pro-tip for indie devs: find some way to compete other than polish/technology. You *cannot compete* on polish. If you can't think of a way to differentiate your game that'll sell when your game is only at 80-90%, play more interesting games until you can. Or look outside games.

For context, the games I make are differentiated in that they aim for a different emotion than "fun." I'm interested in comedy and ludic mystery. For whatever reason this space isn't particularly competitive so I can get away with minimal polish, skipping the "second 90%."

Find a similar differentiated space and you too can get away with making a game in half the time your colleagues spend. Of course, in my case I'm spending a bunch of additional time adding secrets so it's uh kind of a wash.

@mogwai_poet I think you get bonus points, for slowing everyone else down by convincing them to add secrets for your game in theirs!

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