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Jim Stormdancer @mogwai_poet

Fifteen years ago, a Fallout fan community called "No Mutants Allowed" exemplified entitlement, gatekeeping, and loud enforcement of cultural norms -- just like gamers in general exemplify to the outside world.

After Fallout 3 came out, nobody ever talked about NMA again. Its individual members still enjoyed the Fallout series, but were absorbed into the larger community, and NMA lost its cultural power.

Here's my question: what software can we ship that will make everyone forget about gamers?

@mogwai_poet honestly right now the gatekeeping in gaming IMO is no longer at the point where it's a small in group trying to ward of the mainstream. The context is now at the large scale of mainstream sexism, gaming is already mainstream.

@theoutrider Wow I guess people did hear about them again, for a little bit??

@mogwai_poet I think it was just pre-launch response to game footage

rar rar where's my always-on-screen box with descriptive text for anything and everything, it's just oblivion with guns, etc

@mogwai_poet (for the record I don't actually like FO3 very much but ther are better and certainly more eloquent reasons not to like it)

@theoutrider Oh right, I definitely remember the "Oblivion with Guns" thing.

@mogwai_poet @theoutrider I kinda want to play Oblivion With Guns. Not Fallout 3, mind you. I want to shoot elves.

@mogwai_poet @theoutrider is "Oblivion with Guns" the prequel to "Skyrim with Guns"?

@mogwai_poet Less lootboxes on everything alongside higher game prices? A lot less multiplayer competitive games? Releasing less games like Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Cuphead where you either get frustrated or 'git gud'?

This problem likely can't be solved by adding more software, game developers as a whole would have to cut back on premium currencies, competitive atmospheres, and borderline abusive game design...

y'know, everything that makes games profitable nowadays

@mogwai_poet sincere answer: front-facing, punishment-free assist/accessibility options