this would suggest that people who buy bitcoin don't talk about it and boy do i wish that was the case

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@molly0xfff I think maybe Saylor does talk about Bitcoin sometimes. Or possibly every day, all the time.

@molly0xfff I mined bitcoin in 2011. I still have them. People who understands bitcoin mined them 10 years ago.

@molly0xfff First rule of ----coin is don't ever shut up about ----coin.

@molly0xfff that phrase is from satoshi, the first group of owners whom haven't participated in the last decade, they might retired or might be dead who knows, they really won't talk about it either way

@molly0xfff not necessarily true because if we take their statements to be

If A understands bitcoin then A buys
If (not) A understands bitcoin then A talks about it

These are equivalent yo

If (not) A talks about bitcoin then A understands it. So that means everyone who doesn't talk about it understands it.

@molly0xfff I'd be super happy to discuss the 25% loss of my Bitcoin portfolio.

@molly0xfff omg... I really wish it was too! 🤣🤦‍♀️💝

@molly0xfff People get hyped about bitcoin -> bitcoin value goes up. The reason for the hyper-enthusiastic bitcoin fandom

@molly0xfff Oh, boy, do they talk about it! And it’s a stupid take on their part since the “value” of bitcoin relief solely about talking about them and boosting the percieved value. It’s loathsome!

@molly0xfff god this guy is annoying. I wonder what else do they do for a living.

@molly0xfff people who understand Bitcoin, sell their Bitcoin that they bought while it was fun and you could've bought a pizza with them.

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