to anyone who's thinking about buying github copilot:

just be warned that it may have been trained on code i wrote

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if it coughs up
// TODO: Error handling

you're welcome.

@molly0xfff It's for people who didn't think copying and pasting from Stack Overflow was easy enough.

@molly0xfff seems a likely outcome... how many half finished abandoned projects were in the training set?

@molly0xfff or:

// TODO: Fix this ugly stupid hack that should not see the light of day or blight God's creation with its mere existence

@molly0xfff I've used it for a bit in the tech preview and I loved it especially for hacking up quick features in languages with lots of boilerplate.

I can see the danger if you don't know what you are doing, but overall I think it's a great tool.

@molly0xfff since you're here, I'm gonna assume you're more of an authority than I on this and ask...

I'm assuming co-pilot was *not* trained to do things like 'create a markdown-formatted list from a list of raw URLs'? or CLI commands?

because I kept trying to persuade it to do that and adjacent shit and it just... could not figure it out.

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