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Dearly beloved, we are gathered here to announce the birth of a great monstrosity

Profane Feminine, a work more than a year in the gestation

featuring the incredible talents of Pink Limb
@shonalika @surgeryhead
Gene Hex
and myself

after much pain and labouring

is now available on bandcamp

I'd like if you could share, spread the good word to the faithful

hi hi did you know @mollynoise 's new album is up for pre-order RIGHT NOW?

some songs (inc the one I'm on:3) are listenable immediately

+ there are also TAPES

go check it out go go go go go go


and after writing this the idea of working on music today out of necessity went from troubling to easy

christing hell, i just need to fucking relax sometimes, but i do need to make sure i schedule work too

have to remind myself: have never missed a deadline

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some days i just can't fucking music

and I'm learning not to torture myself

but im still struggling with not feeling like a fraud for not knowing how to always work like its a 9-5

not going to start arguments w people online now, quite the opposite, going to treat all that w the distain it deserves, this is all smoke and shadow everyone is fixated on while the real world is going on outside

this is cafe bickering that everyone is mad about while the tanks roll past outside

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people will just fucking hate me regardless of how nice I try be, people will strive to get mad at me for something innocuous, some people will just hate me because im a fucking gross queer who isn't quiet or ashamed or whatever

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decided a few months ago to just be as much me publicly as i can get away with, sick of managing a public persona

i have only been a person for a few years and that is fucking weird

talking w women younger than me on HRT longer and its hard not to feel a little jealousy underneath the happiness for them

thats fucking dialectics :/

yes, cliché

if 13 year old me could see me now

*apart from* WTF WERE A GIRL

it would also be just "this is the best life we could be living"

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And a whole-ass fucking ALBUM with some seriously amazing people collabing on

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I get worried sometimes that the projects are going to vanish but i've got a pretty good thing going with Sarah Zedig and Curio, I've got upcoming podcast work, the videogame im working on is coming out soon, Ive got an upcoming negotiation with some irish production group for *something* that looks like it will pay well

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Got so much work RN but its weird, I was able to leave my incredibly stressful day job owing to music and it still seems like i've been on holiday since then, my income isnt *great* but my brain IS

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I really did forget that Masto does not stress me out like twitter, I need to remember to just relax here

just ate ezme salad from a ramen bowl and it felt profoundly wrong, like drinking wine from a mug

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