SMALL BUSINESS OWNER: this financial collapse has destroyed my business

ME: welcome to the proletariat you piece of shit, now come hug me and help build this catapult

This wilw thing is depressing. Anyone have a bofa invite, or suggestion for another instance that will support trans and other marginalized groups over celebrities?

@SEMIANONYMOUSCOWARD people literally left Twitter to come to a site where people didn't use the moderation system to defend their prejudices and attack minorities.
Wheaton followed the crowd and immediately called the cops on a bunch of transwomen who thought this might be a place they didn't have to deal with his fake woke celebrity transphobe bullshit

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twitter was helpful for me immediately after while I was trying to wade through the wreckage of my life

mastadon is what I wish I had, but I'm glad I have now

people go through these seemingly life-ending things everyday without love and support and that should change

everyone should have what I've see on this site for the last week

support and comfort and unconditional friendship

that is what we all need

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Thesis: I gotta pee

Antithesis: I don't wanna get out of bed

Synthesis: I'm gonna piss the bed

Please boost this toot so my lost followers from Twitter wandering through the wilderness can find me easier.

I'm that gay commie pointing account.

I'm resisting the urge to post this on centralized social network sites to receive validation from my friends and family. I told them I'd be posting here from now on, but not a soul followed.

Now would be a great time for a mass exodus from non-distributed social networks. Here's hoping enough people grasp the situation.


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