Having to defend from 3 different invaders at once in my multiplayer Civ 6 game with "friends"

Who would've thought working for 10 hours would give you a headache huh

I believe in birds... I think they're doing great

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I didn't feel very well after my last döner so of course I just bought another one because how can you resist that smell

Why the fuck is something you need to make a hashtag out of

I've never read any Witcher books or played any Witcher games but I really enjoyed the Netflix adaptation. They cast a good actor for Geralt.

The Marvel movies are good movies. Stop being wrong about them

Anyway I was wondering if maybe having a junk-type tab in notifications where the "filtered" notifications would go, instead of disappearing forever, would make it easier to use such functions.

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Since this seems to be a point of confusion, while I personally do not speak Spanish, other members of the moderation team on mastodon.social do.

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The Node.js inspiration is named Camo, maybe I could get away with naming this one Gato? G because Go and also cat

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I don't have a lot of experience in , can anyone who does take a look at this code and help me figure out why its memory usage goes up to 12 GB when exposed to traffic.


I've used pprof to try and figure it out, seems like NewImageOps is staying allocated, but I'm not sure why. I sure call Close() on it...

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