I think I knew the internet was a fuck in 2009 when I started a new job after a year of being unemployed, and all the IT guys were using Dropbox and Google Drive for file sharing. And I was like… ok, but you know how to use FTP, so… why?

Seriously, you can go from knowing nothing about it to having it up and running in less than two days. It was made to be easy by design.

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Welcome to the Internet! Itʼs a magical place where, if you donʼt like the content policies of large corporate publishing platforms, you can always rent cheap web hosting space or set up an Apache box in your living room and host your own “home page” on the “World Wide Web!”

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The Mandalorian is about a single father in a gig economy trying to survive and take care of his child.

All while wearing an outward mask that conceals his emotions from his child, his colleagues, and the world.

...Also his car keeps breaking down.

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Just got word that I can finally share my rejected theme song from @readyplayerone. They went with Alan Silvestri's theme, but I still want to thank Steven Spielberg & @warnerbrosent for the wonderful opportunity.

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Trump's attempt to overturn the election and remain in power has failed. It failed for many reasons, including simple ineptitude, but we should not overlook that it failed primarily because America has a professional, apolitical military that told him to fuck off. (1/7)

Trumpnuts are still telling themselves itʼs all 4D chess and their boy has got it. Still. I was certainly hoping to be reveling in the tears of my enemies by now, but the prospect of schadenfreude is starting to feel a little mean when your enemies are this pathetic.

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hi hello, if you are capable of understanding why “it works on my computer” is not good enough to ship, you are also capable of understanding why “I’ve never observed any discrimination” is not good enough to build a society on

Unless youʼre asserting some right to weigh in on or exert control over how someone else lives their life, then the concept of “disagreeing with their lifestyle” is meaningless.

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The same number of national media outlets that would cover my press conference where I claim Joe Biden actually won Texas and I have “secret proof” of it is the same number that should cover Trump claiming he won Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Nevada.

When the dust settles on this election, we canʼt go back to business as usual and hope that it works out fine next time. There need to be additional safeguards put in place. There need to be prosecutions of the people who are now cynically abusing the court system.

These are scary times. But Iʼm impressed how American democracy has barrelled through every obstacle Trump has thrown up since Nov. 3 — and he has thrown up a lot — like so much paper tape. Our institutions are under unprecedented attack, and thatʼs bad. But they are winning.

I wonder if anyone has ever fucked around and made a dirt-cheap quadrotor drone from a McDonaldʼs drink holder. Itʼs the right shape, and seems like it would have a good size-to-weight ratio. Wouldnʼt want to fly it in the rain, though.

I sure do have a pretentious assortment of vinegars in my pantry for someone who canʼt cook worth a damn

This election wasnʼt *that* bad for the Democrats. They won the presidency, kept control of the House, gained at least 1 Senate seat and may gain 2 more and control of the chamber. They lost 1 governor and 1 state legislature. Not the blowout they wanted, but a far cry from 2010.

I have no starry-eyed illusions about humanity. I believe that if we had UBI, 90% of the people would abuse it. They would sit around consuming junk food, recreational drugs, and trash media. BUT! The other 10%! The other 10% would save us all.

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