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Still mid-move (now in the unpacking phase), and I have to say that for once in my life I feel competent as shit. I始m over here moving heavy stuff and filling out mortgage paperwork and setting up my home network off a cell phone and doing minor repairs and calling dudes who can do major repairs and scheduling my vaccine shot and shopping for Mother始s Day. Got my tortoise-style adult-fu going on and it feels good, man. Only took me 25 years to get here.

Has anybody had any difficulties moving from the commercial cut of VSCode to VSCodium?

鈥淭his plastic bag is not a toy.鈥 Aw, gee, Mr. Plastic Bag. *Anything* can be a toy if you use your imagination!

We heard this fallacy a lot in the 2020 general election, too. 鈥淵ou can始t possibly vote for Joe Biden! He始s old, creepy, possibly senile, and has a history of touching women on the shoulder!鈥

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Is there a name for the fallacy where you point out all the flaws in something in order to dismiss it, without mentioning that every other alternative (including the status quo) suffers from those same flaws?

This happens a *lot*, but I始m thinking of it this morning because of the 1619 project, which does make a few unfounded claims and a few arguments that reach a bit 鈥 but the people who argue that it始s therefore bunk are glossing over how much *every* historical account does the same things.

All of our ensemble shows have the same 鈥済ang,鈥 and they始re all the cast of Gilligan始s Island. Look:

- Fred = Skipper
- Shaggy + Scooby = Gilligan
- Daphne = Ginger
- Velma = The Professor AND Mary Ann
- Rotating cast of rich baddies = The Howells


- Mal = Skipper
- Jayne = Gilligan
- Kaylee = Mary Ann
- Inara = Ginger
- The Tams = The Howells
- Book = Professor (wisdom aspect)
- Zoe + Wash = Professor (competence aspect)

Sopranos? Riverdale? Avengers? Commedia dell'arte? Works for all.

I wish I had time to just sit and read philosophy again.

Last night I had a dream I was in Muppet Club. I showed up at the start of a new year and everyone was in costume but me, and I was like, 鈥淯h鈥 guys last year we only wore our costumes to events, not at the clubhouse. What始s going on?鈥 And Sweetums says, 鈥渞ule change.鈥

So I say, 鈥渙k, I guess I始ll be Bunsen like last year.鈥 And after an awkward pause someone says, 鈥測ou weren始t Bunsen. Don始t tell me you *forgot* who you were last year.鈥

Let me tell you guys, tense times around ol' Muppet Club.

I came here to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and I始m all out of ass

Film Studies 101: If someone poops in a movie, they will die ingloriously. If someone pees in a movie, they will win at life

When the animals strike curious poses in that Prince song, are they striking poses that indicate curiosity on their part, or are they striking poses that inspire curiosity in you, the observer?

@aral I've seen that "there will be no more politics in this company" happen several times over. It's usually after an employee points out contradictions in the CEO's own politics, or if employees try to unionize or make some collective decision not involving bosses.

"There will be no more politics in this company" is always followed by some explicitly political statement.

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