They say the past is a foreign country, and as you get older — Iʼm in my early 40s — it starts to become jarring how foreign the world is compared to the one in which you grew up. But I like the present. Itʼs where I live, and Iʼm determined to assimilate. I spend a lot of time thinking about generational issues, and trying to convince my fellow Gen-Xers that the Kids Are Alright; theyʼre no more foolish than we were in the 90s, and weʼre no less crusty and hidebound than our elders were then. …


… But it does take a tremendous amount of conscious mental effort. Assumptions that were so fundamental as to be invisible have to be discovered, foregrounded, and re-thought as being contingent upon a certain set of circumstances. Like a resident of a foreign country, you can start to feel unmoored, like a person who doesnʼt really belong anywhere.

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