I understand that we will never convince many people that there wasnʼt widespread fraud in the 2020 election (to be clear, these people are mistaken). But the legal mechanisms provided for contesting an election on the basis of alleged fraud are, first, the courts, and second, the Congress. Neither legal statute nor the Constitution provide a mechanism for contesting an election which has passed these tests, no matter how strongly you may feel the outcome of an election is unfair.


I have seen some argue that the coup attempt wasnʼt as violent as some protests by BLM earlier this year, so why are we now outraged? But itʼs not the degree of violence thatʼs the issue. The issue is that the executive branch encouraged a mob to prevent the legislative branch from conducting its business, and it did so in order to stop the certification of a new executive. This wasnʼt an assault on civilians or their property; it was an assault on the government and the nation itself.

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