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The US's private insurance system also imposes limits on care and demands cost sharing, it extracts an enormous amount of money from the middle class (as premiums rather than taxes), and it delivers worse health outcomes. Pretending otherwise is failing to reckon to w reality.

The first condition of any possible truce between Red and Blue America will be agreeing that Donald Trump Jr. and Joy Behar don't speak for any of us. Ew.

"Always design a thing by considering it in its next larger context – a chair in a room, a room in a house, a house in an environment, an environment in a city plan" - Eliel Saarinen

Which means you need to research the next larger context and not just 'your' thing.

Every time I see Lindsey Graham on TV getting mad about the impeachment, I think about this video

“The Mighty Quinn” is secretly a song about Cthulu.

Behind the couch I did a sit
No humans were around
Behind the couch I nicely fit
For hiding I'm renowned
Behind the couch I will admit
I made a tiny sound
An existential crisis hit
Alas, I had been found

Time-lapse footage of a dandelion flower head transforming into a seedhead

There's a certain type of Democrat I talk to who seems determined not to get their hopes up that Trump will lose, which is an understandable reaction. But sometimes that morphs into a belief that it's savvy to think Trump will win/naive to think he *could* lose, when it isn't.

Alex Trebek saying “This machine kills facists”

"Hey guys, it'll be ok. We'll have peace. You'll be able to buy a home. Grandma will be taken care of. Our way is better."

You never hear that from

You hear how some of us will be punished. How our own citizens are enemies. Culture war.

That's how you know it's wrong.

If you are a typographer hungry for the creative control only Planck-length kerning can offer, you need to be pouring money into my subquantum computing laboratory, where we'll really get inside those quanta and see what makes them tick.

Trump is down 17 points in Georgia since taking office. He is down 21 in North Carolina. And 22 points in Iowa! He is most overrated politician of our lifetimes. Democrats are too traumatized by 2016. They should treat him as the incredibly unpopular politician he is.

A year from now, we’ll be waking up the day after the election.

Spend the next year so that it’s a good morning, not a terrible one.

Just so we’re all clear since there’s a lot of disagreement about birth years:

Boomer = Anyone older than you that you don’t like

Millennial = Anyone younger than you that you don’t like

Just so I understand the rules: It’s unpatriotic and disrespectful to silently kneel during the national anthem to protest police violence, but it’s fine to disfigure the US flag to signal your opposition to those protests. Is that right?

💡Quick Daylight Savings tip: if you worked a late shift last night when the clocks rolled back & had to work an extra hour, make sure you check your paystub this week and get paid for it!

Computers sometimes miss it. Make sure you get paid - don’t let your labor get stolen!

Me: Everything you buy has too many features these days. Why do they have to make simple things complicated?

Also Me: A stapler should have a light on it that warns you when youʼre about to run out of staples.

Sure, but you canʼt *install* Photoshop CS, because Adobe shut down its registration servers. This is a real problem I am actually dealing with, right now, because Iʼm a cheapskate.

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