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Have you ever considered the possibility that silica gel packets are not only edible, but highly nutritious and delicious, and that the “do not eat” markings are simply an evolutionary adaptation to deter predators?

Apertium is a FOSS alternative to Google Translate and Yandex Translate. You can download the code from GitHub or use it online here:

RT Ever notice the same people who voted for trump because he “says what he means”, have spent the last 3 years explaining that he didn’t mean what he said?

Stop quote tweeting The Hill. Their whole model is distributing right wing conspiracies through Twitter dunks

In 2020 we will see another movement of Geist, as Trump — who inherited the Hegelian world-spirit in 2016 — is re-integrated into, and revealed to be just another moment in, the Kanye West–Taylor Swift dialectic that represented the previous phase of history.

Terminator isnʼt really about robots. Hell, /robots/ arenʼt really about robots. Robots (and Terminator) are about class struggle, psychopathy, and human objectification.

This is the most cyberpunk thing I've seen for a while: Chilean protesters using lasers to take down a drone.

Jimmy Walesʼs WikiTribune is transforming into a new social network called WT:Social. Does anyone know if it will be compatible with the Fediverse?

For all the talk about "extraordinaire elite generosity", it's important to keep in mind the reality of US billionaires philanthropy:

Forbes 400 total wealth: ~$2.5 trillion
Annual charitable giving by the top 400: ~$10 billion

= 0.4% of their wealth. Like a tiny wealth tax

Online dating would give soooo much better results with the addition of one simple question:

I am made uncomfortable by…
[ ] weird people
[ ] normal people
[ ] all people

[Bill Nye, before he loved science]
Hi, I'm Bill Nye the guy guy

One important thing to remember when gauging how accurately the media portrays the real world is that the media tells stories about things that are interesting, while the real world as a whole is very, very boring.

why clifford big red dog so big? that dog too big

This 1967 educational film strip was deemed “impossible” and “fantastical” by may observers at the time.

With the input from scientists at Bell Labs it painted a future of 2020.

It predicted elements of the technologies precisely.

From e-commerce to social networks—in 1967:

Flanagan asks us to admit that "The truth is that the best argument on each side is a damn good one, and until you acknowledge that fact, you aren’t speaking or even thinking honestly about the issue."

The left: We want to be inclusive and welcoming, ensuring the rights of all and having a government that works for the people.
The right: Fuck all that and fuck you.
Media: Both sides are tearing this country apart.

Get me a Venn diagram of people who like to say "America is a republic not a democracy" and also argue that impeaching Trump is undemocratic.

To be clear, I'm talking about trade press books that are ostensibly non-fiction. Writers of other sorts of books may or may not be assholes, depending on individual circumstances.

Remember when writing a book used to be a praiseworthy endeavor? Assholes selling books are ruining this country. If some motherfucker tells me he wrote a book I instantly lose three quarters of any respect I might have had for them.

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