Got a new job, suppose I should give notice at this one. Big move from gov't to a startup and Alaska to Seattle. A little nervewracking, but I think it'll be a good growth experience.

I bet I learn something

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Rt to pet
     />  フ
     |  _  _ l
     /` ミ_xノ
     /      |
    /  ヽ   ノ
    │  | | |
 / ̄|   | | |
 | ( ̄ヽ__ヽ_)__)

Traveling with the fam.

I'm back in Seattle, which is always one of my favorite cities to visit. Weather is just like home though. I was hoping for a touch warmer

First day biking into work for bike to work month.

12 miles

Last year, alone, on the road bike it took me ~45 minutes most days.

This year, towing a trailer, on the mountain bike, it took 1 hr 10 min. And let me tell you, I felt every yard where there was even a tiny incline

Still 🤘 🚵

Culture fit is a term I don't particularly like. I think it is often used as a handwavey justification for a no-hire on the basis of "we just don't like-like you"

Still, culture is very important in a workplace. Culture is also something that has to actively cultivated, to guide it in good directions.

I think Joe Mastey has some good thoughts on building a positive culture of learning, whether or not your management supports it.

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things i wish was in the matrix

Neo: "Doesn't harvesting human body heat for energy, violate the laws of thermodynamics?"

Morpheus: "Where'd you learn about thermodynamics, Neo?"

Neo: "In school."

Morpheus: "Where'd you go to school, Neo?"

Neo: "Oh."

Morpheus: "The machines tell elegant lies."

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@whitequark Interesting!
This also speaks strongly for my opinion that you should never try to translate the customer's domain language.
If they call it an "anställningsavtal", then use that word (perhaps without umlauts) for functions, classes and variables.
If you translate, the next person that has to understand your logic will also have to waste brain power on understanding the words.

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Do any of my Mastodon audience know anything about plumbing? I've just had to shut off all the water in my apartment to stop a water heater leak; is this thing on the heater inlet a valve I can use to shut off just that and have my toilet back?

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I'm on a road trip to a cotton gin. Odd work to do; got to install a robot to shoot slow vibrational light into giant cotton things for knowing of industrial data.

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I realize we haven’t communicated the roadmap yet. I’m sorry. So here’s what we’re working on:

~Thread-notification muting (conversation_ID support) #59 #325 and more.

~Our landing page, which will help you or your friends find the best Mastodon Instance for you.

~User-friendly patch notes, “What’s new in V1.1.1” when you log on.

~Personal Domain Block / Silence, #2381, but check your own settings ( /settings/preferences and /settings/profile ), which can help you as well.
Among other things

Hey all, I'm bored with my current music. Any suggestions for something wordless and techno-y? Possibly vaporwave or something I've never heard of?

car talk 

Woo! Got my 944 running again after a looong time sitting. Runs rough, but this is huge progress!

I'm super thrilled!

video proof:

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A comp sci poem, by Crom

While true,

The end

Sigh. Surprise short turnaround time to add 2FA to all my email daemons...


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@ebel @alex, @bug and I are interested in the same thing! we recently started a free-software co-op in Philly xD Interested in connecting with other people doing the same thing to learn more!

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