The gradual dissolution of the petty bourgeoisie and overt proletarianization of larger percentages of the American populace is directly related to the resurgence of the socialist movement and the rise of street-level fascism is the tip of the spear of the capitalist class's attempts to crush it. As the working class is driven further into immiseration and the socialist movement naturally grows, the repression is going to get steadily worse even as our ability to fight gets better.

from a fans standpoint the best wrestlers are the ones with cool moves, know how to tell a story in the ring, are believable etc. From a working standpoint the best people are the safest.

Ergo according to the immortal dialectical materialist science of Marxist-Leninism(Antonio Inoki Thought) Bret “The Hitman” Hart is the GOAT of all time.

I’ve done my last project as fadeintobolivian. At least for now. I’m sick of that name tbh.

every day I think about the fact that DMX got his last sentence reduced by playing “Slippin” in court

this is the one thing from my twitter account I think is worth reposting here

I went over to twitter to tell everyone that there is no horniness on mastodon

Gotta be honest... I can believe this website is free.

if you die of dehydration you were still technically killed by water. its called dialectics mother fucker

people are begging for us to not screenshot or quote tweet. absolutely not. fuck you. i will humiliate you on a whim and i will never respect your feelings

TERF isn't a slur. It's an oxymoron. You can't be a feminist and exclude women

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