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When a new hire dev asks how do you deploy to prod and you show it:

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😉 in - vermeintlich verletzter erweist sich als Dauergast eines Supermarktparkplatzes und nutzt dabei die Aufmerksamkeit der Passanten um Futter abzustauben. Zur PM: bitly.com/3drZXaO


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Meine schöne Western Digital 250GB Platte von 2006, die nun seit mindestens 2016 durchgehend am raspberry pi läuft meldet sich nicht mehr seit dem letzten mal ein- & ausschalten :(

> Online-Antrag

Warum eigentlich hab ich mir auch was anderes erwartet..

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Und es hat gemacht...

Heute Vormittag wurden die beiden Kühltürme des AKW gesprengt. Der Einsatz verlief aus polizeilicher Sicht unproblematisch. Wenige hundert Schaulustige hatten sich eingefunden um die anzuschauen.


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Joining @phpsw@twitter.com Lockdown Security with our sleeping newborn son at my dining room "office" place from Karlsruhe, Germany

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PHP Annotated – April 2020


This edition reviews 10 new RFCs from PHP Internals, Composer 2.0 alpha, and other releases, as well as articles on Laravel and Symfony, best practices, useful tools, videos, and podcasts.

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PHPStan 0.12.19 finally lets you ignore errors directly in code with @​phpstan-ignore-line and @​phpstan-ignore-next-line 🎉 (That’s one big “finally”.)

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If you are using typed collections, variadic function syntax for constructor can make all the input validation boilerplate disappear. Probably one of the most underrated language features.

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Check out the awesome schedule for - Online Edition! Register now and reserve your (free) spot on June 26, 2020 phpconference.nl

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Great multi-device support has always been a high priority for Conversations.
Supporting audio and video calls with Jingle is not going to change that.

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PhpStorm 2020.1 is now released! 🚀


• Extensive composer.json support
• Code coverage with PCOV and PHPDBG
• Improved PHP type inference
• PHPUnit toolbox
• Advanced Grazie spellchecker
• And more for Git, DB tools, JS, and PHP!

Stay safe! 🙏

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This is a difficult time for everyone and I, for one, am grateful for gifts such as these...

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Replaced all object-like arrays with classes where they are used thousands of times.

Memory usage reduced by 58% (from 12Gb to 5Gb).

Please, read this article by @Crell@twitter.com steemit.com/php/@crell/php-use to understand why you have to prefer classes.

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