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This was a fun one last night... listen back to + playing some of their influences and favorites from 1980's Italian New Wave/Disco/Pop...

we also had a nice chat:


W1nst0n / Universal Android Debloater · GitLab -

Nice script to remove bloatware from non-rooted/stock Android devices


Conversations is available for free now (before Christmas) to help you connect to your loved ones in case you can’t see them in person.
In the grand scheme of things it's obviously not a lot but maybe the new video calling can help out just a little bit.


Mild und leicht, nicht spektakulär, aber nette Abwechslung

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Fancy, The german "Tagesschau" mentioned @fdroidorg as source for the Google independent version of the Corona Warn App (called "Corona Contact Tracing Germany") on Android:

Slowly but surely, things are going into the right direction. F-Droid is hopefully in the future more mainstream!


Developers using Firefox, localhost is now always considered secure! You don’t have to generate self-signed certificates anymore.


American Express account passwords have a maximum length of 20 characters... 🤦‍♂️


"i give this function a 1/5"

"that's not what we mean by code review"



Ein bisschen anders als bei uns, vorbildlich :)




Son was waking me up early, well I wanted to watch some anyways

@CCTG in case you don't have enough "it's working" reports already: I got my first low risk encounter as well. Android 10 stock, rooted with disabled play services

Our son seems to be behaving like SemVer. Before the first major release erm, birthday we celebrate each minor erm, month. I would not consider him unstable but there definitely are regular breaking changes.

Corona Contact Tracing Germany now on F-Droid 🚀

No dependency to Google, no microg app required. Pure open source, built reproducibly.

(This time posting the correct URL 🙂)

TIL: raspberry pi limits the USB current to 600mA. It can be boosted via config to 1.2A which should fix problems with conntected 2.5'' HDDs. A strong power supply is needed. I currently have 3A.

The 3 mode env var is great via Docker on Mac. I explicitly start the container in the mode I need it and benefit from improved performance if off :) Switching just takes a few seconds.

`XDEBUG_MODE=off docker-compose up -d`

Hi! This is @Bubu and @fynnDirect writing here to inform you about updates related to our work on #CCTG, which is our libre fork of #CoronaWarnApp utilizing the @microg exposure notification library.

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