I got up relatively early for a Sunday. Made a pie. Put the dishwasher on. Played with the cat.

The beer is not undeserved.

The pie will be good to eat tomorrow.

Aladin had far too much 'nip and forgot basic motor skills.

Cannot say I don't relate.

Furry boi was apparently stuck in the stairwell all night. Explains the smell of poo.

Cat got home at least.

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I imagine the neighbors got a shock when they saw this hanging from the door.

Note: This is not my cat.

Beer break in Mainz after a 7 hour journey from Dresden...

Will probably need to pee when I leave. Happy, I can piss on the train.

I'm not in often. Despite living next door.

But when I am, I'm in fucking Belgium.

We do not like humidity so we are drinking whisky in front of the fan.

Aladin still doesn't quite trust the fan.

You could say he's not a fan.

My greatest enemies?

The Thatcher Baronettes of Scotney, in the County of Kent.

Aladin patiently waiting for me to finish my yogurt so he can lick the pot.


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